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Top Catering Themes

When you are planning an event, the first thing that comes to mind is thinking of the theme. What do you want your event to portray? How do you want everything to look? What kind of entertainment would you like to have? Is there a certain type of food that you would like to incorporate? When you sit down to think of all of these different aspects, you will find that everything revolves around your theme. A few of the top themes for events in the South Florida area are below.

  1. Backyard BBQ: Break out your best western gear and checkered tablecloths for this one! With a backyard BBQ theme, your guests will have fun in a casual atmosphere. Serve hot dogs, burgers, chicken, corn on the cob, beans, and other traditional favorites. You can add a bit more to the theme with some old school shooting games and pig races!
  2. Hawaiian Luau: Those grass skirts and flowered necklaces will be a perfect combination when thinking of having a luau! This fun theme allows for some dressing up in the warm weather and is perfect for something different outside. The smells of cooked pineapple and taking part in a traditional pig roast might just be a first for your guests. Along with the foods of your choice, add some Blue Hawaiians and Pina Coladas with a mobile bar!
  3. Fiestas: Grab your sombrero and bright striped poncho and get your guests into the spirit with taco and fajita stations. They can pick and choose what they want with many different and delicious options. Perhaps you can even add a mariachi band for an authentic feel!
  4. Halloween: Halloween is always a great theme for those Fall events. It gives your guests the chance to dress up and act a bit silly. Almost any food can be jazzed up a bit to make it look a bit spooky for those attending!
  5. Paparazzi: Dress in your Hollywood best and smile for the camera! What could be better than champagne, light appetizer and dessert style treats, and a photo booth to take those glamour shots in. Maybe someone will get famous!


Themed party catering is a great way to add flavor to your next event. The options are endless when it comes to the combination of food and themed fun. There are a lot of combinations that could go together, and it is enjoyable to see the theme and food come together to form the perfect party! There may be mixtures that you haven’t even thought of before, but that’s what the professionals are here for.


South Florida Events can not only provide the food but the entertainment and themed items as well! They are a one-stop shop and cater to all of your event needs with professional and knowledgeable attitudes. Your event will be a hit! No matter what theme you choose, an experienced event planner will assist in ensuring that everything flows well together and your ideal event is more special than you could have imagined.