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Tent Rentals West Palm Beach

Tent Rentals in West Palm Beach & South Florida

Open-air events are beautiful when you find the picture-perfect garden, beach, or another outside venue.

You pick the best flowers, linens, colors, and lighting to make your event as special as it can possibly be. You spend hours contemplating how you are going to arrange everything and create the prime focal points in your head before the day arrives. Your centerpieces are ordered, and the groomsmen have had their fittings. Your dress fits like a glove, and it couldn’t be better. Even your seating charts are done, and the dresses are already altered.

It seems like you have it all figured out.

You feel as if everything is perfect, and nothing can ruin your special day.

Then the day comes, and so does the rain…

As the rain starts coming down harder, your guests start jumping from their seats and heading for cover. The ceremony is cut short. People are knocking things over trying to escape the rain beating down on them. Guests start slipping and sliding on the dance floor. All electric devices need to be covered and shut off. Your white dress begins to look like a wet tissue, and makeup begins to run.

Don’t let this be you!

After putting so much effort into the planning process, don’t let the weather spoil everything that you have worked so hard for. Even if the weather is supposed to be sunny and clear, it can be a bit unpredictable at times. The meteorologists even get it wrong sometimes. Keep your flawless decorations, your adoring guests, and yourself dry by incorporating a tent into your planning process. Not only will this prevent rain or snow from hindering your event, but it will allow your guests to remain relaxed.

That means they will stay longer to party the night away with you. Dancing, live music, and many other things can all be accommodated under a beautifully decorated tent that will protect you and your guests from the unforeseen elements. Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes (or maybe she will just decide to shed tears of joy)!

There are many different products available for rental, and there is sure to be one that fits like the perfect puzzle piece, connecting all aspects of your event under one roof. Frame tents, wedding tents, pole tents, and specialty tents are a few of the many possibilities available to you.

Frame tents are tents that were created without poles, which sometimes hinder your guests from getting where they want to go and require them to step over or go around them. If you don’t want a pole in the center of your tent or have the minimal ground area for staking poles down, this is your ideal choice. Frames are built at the location, and sizes can be customized to suit your needs. This type of tent is ideal for large gatherings or receptions.

There are also a multitude of wedding tent styles offered, that are designed with ambiance and elegance in mind. Our frame and classic pole tents (which we will speak of in a moment) are available and customizable with clear canopies, beach canopies, and other flowing materials that are at your disposal when you decide to rent from us. We will make sure that your theme, your tent, and your ideas all flow cohesively and make your special day beautiful and waterproof!

Pole tents are the most common type of tent, and the utmost asked about. Most people think they want a regular pole tent until they are informed that there will be large pole holding everything up right in the middle of their party! It is still beautiful and gets the job done, but you have to think about what your specific event entails before choosing if this tent type is right for you.

Specialty tents are also available upon request, including festival tents, marquee tents, clear span tents, peak top tents, clear top tents, and canopy tents among others. No matter what type of theme you are striving for, one of these tents is sure to delight both you and those attending.

You may be a little leery of incorporating a tent into your event, thinking that they will appear tacky or make your event look “cheap” but rest assured, that is not the case. All of the tents are designed with top of the line materials and will make a great addition to your reception. Tables, chairs, and their dressings are also available upon request. Pipe and drape décor makes the tent appear magical and can be made to coordinate with your color scheme. If you want more of an outdoor feel, the clear ceiling would be ideal for you. Guests can look up at the stars while dancing under the tent! Dance floors, stages, and lighting make the tent come alive. You will achieve the beauty of an outdoor event, with the luxury of still having a roof over your head.

Installation is included with every rental and our team is trained with different tips and tricks to make your tent flow exactly how you want it. They want the installation to go as smoothly as possible while making the dreams of your event a reality. The landscape and grounds around the tent will not be destroyed or disturbed, and all local and state laws will be followed. We are a fully insured company, and can even assist in getting permits if required. All you have to do is make sure the area that the tents are going on is clear and free of any obstacles or debris, and we will handle the rest.

South Florida Events is your one stop shop when it comes to planning your next event, and when it comes to tents, we’ve got you covered! Don’t let your guests let the weather distract them from your party; it takes a lot of effort to make one come together, and just a bit of rain to make everything soggy. Call us now, and be prepared for all elements!

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