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Corporate Catering

Corporate Catering

For all of your event needs from corporate luncheons to company picnics, our team has you covered. Cocktail parties and product launches are no trouble for our professionals. It doesn’t matter what size, vision, or guest list you have for us, one of our experienced catering professionals will be there to guide you every step of the way, and ensure that your day turns out better than expected!

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The historic Needham Estate on the New River in Fort Lauderdale was built in 1925 and is currently owned by Drew and Sandy Romanovitz. Photographed on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013 by Kara Starzyk.

We specialize in:

  • Client Appreciation Events
  • Company Breakfasts and Lunches
  • Convention Catering
  • Destination Meetings
  • Employee Appreciation Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Product Launches
  • Sales Meetings

Premium Platters are a hit!

  • Platters are available for delivery or pick-up. Our specialties are available within 48 hours!

When choosing a corporate caterer, it is important to find one that understands business. Engaging your team with all of their senses is the goal, and our selections will ensure that you and your company are looked upon positively! We understand that improving relationships is vital for a business to succeed, and what better way to do that than over a great meal? We work closely with event planners to make sure that no detail is left out and that you will get exactly what you have envisioned.

Planning is specialized for your company. One of our business minded special event planners is available to assist you for the same price (or less) that you would be paying to order from a restaurant. They will make sure no stone is left unturned, and ask all of the questions to make sure your event runs smoothly. We follow the strictest safety and health guidelines, and are insured to limit the liability of your company. Insurance is often overlooked, but is important for any corporate event.

Being consistent is important when building your brand. Building memories is a great part in this feat, and great memories are made around food! By utilizing our company for all of your corporate events, we will guarantee that your clients and employees will be satisfied every time.

Bring the restaurant to your top clients! Bringing your VIPs and board members out to a restaurant can be costly and exhausting. We can bring the restaurant to you, no matter where you are!

Do you remember the food that was served at the last corporate event you took part in? If the food isn’t enjoyable, it puts a damper on the whole event, and the message of your meeting may go right over the heads of your guests. We can make your company stand out with our bold flavors and tempting choices!

Meetings with our caterers and planners are available free of charge. Please contact us so we can help make your next event a success!