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Planning a Corporate Holiday Party

The weather is finally changing, and we have traded in our ice coffees for the hot option. The flip flops are put away, and the boots are inching their way out of our closets. That means that it is time to start planning the annual holiday party for your company! It is important to start planning early so the party doesn’t turn into a simple pie-in-the-breakroom type deal! The following list will help you plan your event, and keep you stress-free during the process!

It is important to learn to delegate

Pick a small group that will help you with the planning process. It is a difficult task to do all on your own, and delegating certain responsibilities will ensure that your stress level is minimal, and everything is done and accounted for. There are probable mutiple people that will want to jump in to help, as many enjoy the event planning process, and enjoy team events! It will also help employees to realize that they have a say, and their decisions matter.

Come up with a budget for the event

Pick an amount that you don’t want to go over for the whole event. This includes catering, decorations, the venue, and any other items that will be needed to make it sucessful. When you have the complete amount allotted, break it down by category (ie: $700 for vatering, $500 for the venue… etc.). Before you are able to make any decisions, you need to know how much money you can spend in that category. Staying on budget will keep both the cost and your stress level low.

Figure out how many people will be attending

Will only certain departments be attending? WIll it be during business hours? If so, will all employees be able to take part? If it is planned for after hours, will attendees be alloted a plus-one? Are families invited? Will employees need to RSVP for planning purposes?

Pick a date and a location

Some locations may not have availability on the date that you have picked. A different venue may need to be considered, or the date may need to be adjusted. The more exlusive your venue is, the harder it will be to get a good date. Plan in advance! Good places book fast.

Will drinking be involved?

It is important that if there is drinking at your party, your guests drink responsibly. Perhaps there should be consumption limits for those attending.

What kind of food will be served at your event?

There are multiple options for this– potluck, plated meals, buffets. After the style, it is time to pick the real food! BBQ, pizza party,  and Italian style are usually big hits, and very popular for these events. Ensure that there is enough available for all attending– this is where the RSVP’s are important.

Dress code is also something to consider

Office parties are uch more enjoyable when people don’t come over or under dressed for the event. Office parties are fun whether it is an ugly sweater party or a black tie event, it is just important that is it stated so everyone attending knows what to expect and how to dress.

Entertainment is one of the most important aspects

DJ’s, games, bounce houses, dancing locations and live bands are all options to consider.

The above will help in the planning process for your next corporate gathering

Explore your options! It is even possible to contact a company who can get it all done for you and make the party you are envisioning in your head come to life!