We are a Florida Licensed Mobile Bar Operator.

It is challenging to keep all of your liquor stocked and cups filled when you are hosting your own event. When you go to refill one bottle, another one appears to be empty when you get back. This constant running around can hinder your ability to enjoy your own event.  You worry about possibly overserving your guests, and continuously watch those around you. After all, you are no professional so you don’t really know when someone has had enough.

Kick back and relax with a full drink in your hand, allowing South Florida Events to do the bartending for you and all those that you have invited to your party! Take time to enjoy your guests, without running around to make sure that everything is stocked.

We will bring the bar, and set up shop at the location of your choice. Whether it is your backyard, a secret garden, or a decked out function hall- this is a great solution for all of your beverage needs. Serving both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages is no tough feat for us, and we guarantee that you will be happy with the services we provide, and that your guests enjoy! There is a wide variety of liquor available, all the way from top shelf selections to your general mixers.

South Florida Events holds a valid liquor license, allowing us to serve you on the go! Throughout the complete state of Florida, we would be happy to bring our mouthwatering mixtures to your next event! No matter whether it is a public or private event, we will be sure to serve both you and your guests to the best of our ability, and will exceed your expectations. All events become a bit livelier with the inclusion of a bar, and this is no exception! Bringing the bar to you is the most convenient way to include the serving of alcohol to your get together, while ensuring that all legalities are taken care of and allowing you time to enjoy your party.

Our bartenders and event staff are eager to please with their top notch drink making skills, and their genuine smiles and great personalities! They are highly trained in the bartending field and will make your drink perfectly, and handle all requests with professionalism and courtesy. Let us take the guesswork out of refilling your beverages and shutting off those who have had a bit too much.

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