Happy Days Bouncer



Smaller children love to explore and are very curious of all things around them. If you take your eyes off of them for one second, they will more than likely be darting in the other direction! They will see something that they like, and run after it without hesitation. At parties, this can get a bit overwhelming and cuts down on the enjoyment had be the adults attending with them. We have a solution!

Our small, brightly colored inflatable will keep them busy, and in one place. They can run as much as they want from side to side, over and over again without parents wondering where they are going to end up. Not to mention, it is fun!

While they are running around on the inflatable, they can jump to their hearts content. Don’t worry if they lose their balance and take a tumble. Because of the inflation, they will just bounce back up and start again until they run out of energy. Of course, running out of energy could take hours for the younger ones.

Adults can keep an eye on the children as they mingle amongst themselves, without having to chase their little ones around. They will feel less anxiety knowing that their children are happily playing in the inflatable and not running around the event aimlessly.

Children will start to imagine themselves as lions and tigers, making animal noises and peeking out through the mesh of the inflatable, trying to get the attention of those going by. They will pretend they are gymnasts, and take their chances walking a straight line without tumbling down. Some will even pretend to be dinosaurs and chase the others around until they all fall down. The possibilities are endless when it comes to imagination, and you children are sure not to be disappointed. They won’t want to leave!

Give your grown up guests a sense of relief, and your younger ones some entertainment by adding the Happy Days Bouncer to your next occasion. It may look like a simple addition, but it truly makes all the difference in the world to those invited to your outdoor event. It is simple to set up, and provides shade and containment for smaller guests as they jump around while the hours go by! It may be hard to get them out for a quick bite to eat as they will be having so much fun!