BBQ Ribs
Dry-rubbed  St  Louis or Baby Back Pork Ribs

BBQ Chicken

Seasoned and  Char Grilled

Dr Pepper Pulled Pork

Chefs secret recipe

Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers

100% Beef

Hot Dogs

100% Beef

Veggie Burgers

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwiches
White meat chicken marinated with garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs

Chicken or Steak Phillies
Bell Peppers and Onions

Sausage and Peppers
Bell Peppers, Onions and Italian Seasoning

Chicken or Beef Kebab
Bell Peppers, Onions and Spices

Vegetable Kebab
Bell Peppers, Red Onions, Tomatoes, Zucchini,Squash and spices

Char-Grilled Jerk Chicken
Award-Winning Jerk Sauce
Cilantro Lime Chimmichurri Skirt Steak
Olive Oil and Spices
Whole Pig Roast
Fresh Whole Roast Pig Seasoned and Slow Roasted
Rice, Black Beans and Cilantro
Sweet Island Plantains
Island Rice Pilaf
Rice, Black Beans, Coconut Milk, Pineapple, Brown Sugar, Cilantro and Spices

Taco Station
Seasoned Beef, Lettuce, Cheese, Mild Salsa, Hot Sauce an Soft Shell Tacos

Nacho Station
Corn Tortilla Chips, Nacho Cheese, Chefs Special Guacamole and Salsa

Chicken Tenders
White Meat Chicken
French Fries
Shoestring Potatoes
Corn Nuggets
Creamed Corn, Whole Kernel, and Cornmeal
Jumbo Beer Battered Onion Rings
Vidalia Onions
Sweet Potato Tater Tots
Sweet Potatoes

Salad Bar 
Mixed Salad Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrots, Red Onions, Chick Peas, Sunflower Seeds, Bacon Bits, Shredded Cheese, and Croutons.

Lettuce, Tomato Slices, Shaved Red Onion, Cheese and Sliced Dill Pickles
Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, and BBQ Sauce ***Homemade BBQ Sauce Upgrade available 

OMG Mac and Cheese
5 Cheese, Heavy Cream and Garlic and Onion
BBQ Baked Beans
BBQ Sauce, Brown Sugar and Spices
Sweet Corn
Fresh Herbs and Butter
Sweet Potato Mash
Heavy Cream, Butter, Cinnamon and Brown Sugar
Sweet & Creamy Coleslaw
White and Purple Cabbage, Carrots and Celery Seed
Farm Stand Potato Salad
Bell Peppers and Spices
Veggie Pasta Salad
Carrots, Tomato, Bell Pepper, Scallions, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Hearts of Palm
Tomato & Cucumber Salad
Mixed Salad Greens, Tomato and Balsamic Vinaigrette
Caesar Salad
Romain Lettuces, Croutons, Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese and Caesar Dressing
Corn Bread
Shredded Cheddar and Whole Kernel Corn (Jalapeno upon request)

Shaved Ice and Fun Flavors and Colors
Theatre Style Fresh Popped Corn
Funnel Cakes
Fried Pastry Dough covered with cinnamon sugar
Cider Doughnuts
Apple Cider with Carmel Apple Coating, Red Velvet Doughnuts with Cream Cheese Sugar, or Chocolate Doughnuts with Black Forrest Coating Sugar
NY Style Hot Dog Cart
Ketchup, Mustard, Diced Onions, Relish, Sauerkraut

Chocolate Fudge Brownies
Fresh Baked, Scrumptious, Chocolatey Brownies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Fresh Baked, Soft and Chewy
Ice Cold Watermelon
Decorated Sheet Cakes
Vanilla, Chocolate, or Marble Cake with Butter Cream Icing. (Custom Design available)

Smore’s Bar
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Graham Crackers and Marshmallows
Chocolate Fountain
Milk Or Dark Chocolate with Assorted Dippables
Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae Station
Brownie Pieces,Nuts, Rainbow Sprinkles, Gummy Worms,Crushed Oreo’s, Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream.

Name Brand Sodas, Lemonade and Iced Tea
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite,Minute Maid, Lemonade, and Fuse Iced Tea
Bottled Water
Fresh Spring Water
Red, White, Blush
Full Service Bar Available
Well, Premium, and Top Shelf Liquor
Beer Keg
Domestic and Import