Wave Slide

20’L x 15’W x 35’H

Picture yourself in a tropical location, like Hawaii. You are sitting on the beach, watching the waves crashing down to their demise. Over and over again they crash against the shore, some bigger than others. The sun is shining overhead, and the birds are chirping away as the fly by. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, and it seems like the perfect day… to surf!

From your surf board, you wait until the perfect wave comes along. It seems like an eternity, but then it happens! Your board rises up onto the top of the biggest wave you have seen all day, and you prop yourself up and get ready for the wild ride! Standing on your board, the wave starts its trek to the shore. You go faster and faster as you begin to hear the wave crashing behind you. Before you know it, you are back to shore!

Your ride on the wave got your adrenaline pumping, and you are ready to go again as soon as you hit the ground. In no time, you are paddling back out on your board on the hunt for an even bigger wave to carry you. Your friends may decide to join you after seeing how effortless your adventure seemed. Of course, they didn’t see all the hard work you did to find that massive wave! Luckily, it is a great day for surfing!

These are the thoughts that will be running through the heads of the younger ones at your next event with our Wave Slide! They will climb to the top of the inflatable, picture that they are rising up on top of the biggest wave. When they get to the top, they will breathe as sigh of accomplishment, before the “wave” takes them back down as they push off the slide and arrive safely back on the ground.

This inflatable is great for almost any event, and meshes well with many themes and party types. Whether it be a Hawaiian party, a tropical event, a pig roast, or a children’s party- you name it and the Wave Slide will be a hit! This slide can be used as a wet or dry slide, which makes imagining even easier! With the feel of water rushing down the slide, your guests will truly feel as if they are in the waves, awaiting their fate as they near the shore and hear the slight crash before the wave dwindles away!