Wild One Roller Coaster

58’L x 25’W x 21’H

Amusement parks are a fun way to spend a day with family and friends. There is a lot to do as you walk through: games, rides, and shows to catch, just to name a few. But, amusement parks can be a bit intimidating as well when you look up at the sprawling, steep roller coasters at every turn. Walk around the park for a bit before gaining enough courage to finally try one. Not everyone will, but those who do will surely be happy with their decision as they finish their adventure!

Waiting is the tough part. As you get closer and closer to your turn, anticipation builds and you may start to feel a little weary again. Are you really going to have enough courage to do it? Watching the roller coaster depart from the docking area and hearing the pullies time after time can be petrifying, and knowing your next makes it even scarier. You are tough, and you know you can do it. Just keep telling yourself that and you will be fine.

It is finally your turn. You sit in one of the middle seats, and one of the professionals comes to secure your belt and shoulder press. There is no turning back now, you are secured in your seat, and the rollercoaster begins to rise. The “click click click” noise is terrifying as the coaster is pulled up high into the sky. You know it is just so it can come booming down to the ground, and you hold onto the edges of your seat for dear life, while the rollercoaster fanatics around you wave their arms around in the air. The coaster stops at the top to build suspense, and teeters a little bit in the wind. Before you know it, the coaster comes crashing down to the ground on its tracks, but not before going upside down and doing a few loops through the air! You are scared out of your mind as the coaster comes to a stop, and you can’t wait to get out of your seat! But, the reason is different than you thought. You aren’t running in fear, you are running to get back in line! The adrenaline rush was intense, and you are ready to do it again!

Let anticipation build with our Wild One rollercoaster inflatable! Climb up high, twist through tight areas, and slide down to the ground!