Chaos Obstacle Course

40’L x 27’L x 16’H

You are running as fast as you possibly can through the wilderness. There is something chasing you, but you don’t know what it is and you certainly aren’t going to take time to look back. You just keep your head facing forward, and your feet going at a fast pace. The ground is flat, so it is easy to head forth at top speed without hesitation. You think you have lost whatever that thing is, and your heart beat starts to slow back down to normal. But, it isn’t that easy.

Before you know it, there are trees in your way and you begin to slow down as you zig-zag through them. The thing behind you sounds like it is getting closer, but you still aren’t wasting time to look back. The trees become closer together, making it hard for you to continue at a comfortable pace. Winds are picking up and the conditions around you seem to be getting worse. There is nothing you can do but continue. After all, you don’t know if what’s lurking behind you is hungry. Humans might be its delicacy! You start getting tired, and look for an escape or at least a place to hide so it will pass you. Where could you possibly hide from the beast behind you?

Up ahead you see a hole that you feel you can fit through. Like a rabbit, you dive right into it, hoping whatever it is doesn’t see where you have gone. It saw you go into a hole, but it didn’t see which one out of the many in the area that you dove into. Luckily, it picks the one that you haven’t entered. It seems like it is taking forever to get to the other end, but you know it is just because you are exhausted from the chase. You breathe a sigh of relief as you get ready to come out the other end. To your surprise, your friend is coming out of the end of the alternate rabbit hole! It was him the whole time!

It sounds like pure chaos, doesn’t it? Delight your guests with this fun-filled obstacle course and they will be entertained for hours as they try to beat each other on the race through! Holes, obstacles, and even a slide will certainly make for a challenge as they try their luck at getting to the end while staying on their feet!