65’L x 11’W x16’H

As a child, racing through an obstacle course is fun. The friendly competition between friends helps to build good character and sportsmanship that will be utilized through their daily lives for many years to come. They will learn the feeling of winning, and also learn how to accept that they will not always come out the victor. In sports, this is key to a long lasting relationship with the team. It is a constant push-pull relationship that they will have to learn to balance, and obstacle courses are the perfect way to help!

They will jump over obstacles, weave in and out of others, walk through tight areas, and perform other stunts in an attempt to come out the other end first. The whole time, they will be trying to go at their top speed, and compete to the best of their ability. Not only does this give them physical exercise, it also helps to develop their brain. Hand-eye coordination and process of elimination skills are utilized while maneuvering through the area. Not to mention, most will use their imaginations along the way!

They may think they are running from a dinosaur that wants to eat them, or racing against the clock to find a hidden treasure. They may even be thinking about running to their parents at the end. Whatever they are thinking of, it is bound to help them along the way and will keep them going strong. Obstacle after obstacle, they will continue until they will continue until they reach the finish. Even if there is no prize for being the first to complete the course, they will still take pride in the win. If they lose, they will still take pride knowing that they completed the challenging course, and may even want to give it another try.

Friends always want to compete. It is just human nature to want to test your abilities. What better way to do it than with our Challenger obstacle course? It is a safe inflatable that allows for a contest in a creative fun-filled way. They will race through again and again to beat their own score, or to take on the challenge posed by other guests. Whether they win or they lose, they will always want to better themselves on the next run through. Allow Challenger to be a hit at your next event and your guests will definitely be entertained for hours!