Frog Hop

6″H x 21″W x 61″ L

Heading out to the pond, it is almost guaranteed that you will see lily pads, and where there are lily pads, there are frogs! It is always entertaining to watch them as they try to hop from pad to pad without hitting the water. Sometimes they are lucky, and other times they end up taking a dip in the pond! Of course, they get back up as soon as possible so nothing below the water’s surface can eat them! They would be a delectable treat from someone waiting down beneath. It isn’t easy, as the pads move with the wind, and squish a bit upon impact. But eventually, the frogs learn just the right way to maneuver themselves.

Will you find the right way to maneuver yourself? Frog Hop is a fun game for everyone! It is your job to take the mallet and launch the frog into the air. Landing on the pad is the goal, and it is no easy feat! You have to use just the right amount of pressure to get the frog to the ideal spot. After all, you don’t want to be responsible for him being eaten by a hungry fish in the pond!

Time after time, you will try to land the frog according to plan. This is truly a game where patience is key, and practice makes perfect. Not many people and land it on the first try, but they will surely try until they do! Keeping up with their fellow party goers will be the plan. After all, you can’t have someone beat your record for the longest continuous frog hop without falling! This may mean that you have to go back every once in a while to keep your record strong!

Frog Hop is fun for all ages, and will keep your guests occupied for hours. Watching and playing are both equally fun, and enjoyable. Cheer on your friends, and boo your enemies (or a little of both). The crowd will be involved as the person up next takes their stand and lifts the mallet to try their luck at keeping the frog safe! It is a great addition to any event you are having and will keep your guests coming back for more each time they pass by. Frog Hop will keep the party going strong, and your guests competing at the same time. A little friendly competition is a great way to get people mingling amongst each other!