Wrecking Ball

24’L x 18’W x 18’H

Part of our wide array of amazing portable ride options, and definitely an impressive sight, the Wrecking Ball is a must have for many large events, corporate gatherings, company events, and honestly, just about any event possible where there is room to set it up and wild fun to be had.

The novelty factor is huge as the Wrecking Ball looks like a carnival ride for rent and always makes a positive impression, creating loads of fun and generating tons of laughter as it combines swinging with spinning to give up to ten people at a time a ride they will want to go on again and again.

An attention grabber and consistent success, we get loads of positive feedback on how the Wrecking Ball was the talk of the party and it is often in high demand so make sure to call and reserve it for your event to make sure that it is available.

Like any good amusement park ride or a carnival ride, the Wrecking ball is not a single rider affair, allowing groups of people to engage in a fun activity together and have something to talk about later. It is also booked with other rides such as the Mini Ferris Wheel, the Shockwave, the Big Ferris Wheel, or our famous South Florida Zipline.

Bonus: The Wrecking Ball is suitable for a wide array of ages which makes it a perfect addition for both younger and older events as well as everything in between. Plus, it makes a perfect selfie background for social media posts, so even those who don’t go on will gather around and watch with enjoyment.

Your guests will go home talking about the fabulous time they had and that crazy ride they went on.