Zorbs Hamster Balls

75’L x 23’W x 2’H

You burrow into the soft bedding that you turned into a nest and try to stay warm. You have everything you could possibly want in your tiny metal cage. There is water hanging down for you that is available whenever you want it, and your food tray is always full of delicious treats. Occasionally, to your delight, you will even find a juicy piece of celery resting on the edge. If you want some exercise, there is a metal wheel that allows you to run to your hearts content. The noise of the wheel lets the humans know that you are awake though…

Before you know it, a warm hand scoops you up and takes you out of your home. It then plops you down into a clear ball and places you on the floor. You know have free reign of the house, but it is a bit scary. The other animals look at you with hungry eyes and they make weird meowing noises. It isn’t something that you are used to, and you aren’t sure if you like it or now. Just like on the wheel, you begin to run. But in this bubble, you are actually getting somewhere and not staying in a stationary spot!

As you move around in your bubble, the felines start to grow curious and follow you. They are in stealth mode, but you still notice their presence. You run and run faster in every direction possible. Once in a while, you hit something and have to regroup before going in an alternate direction. This gives the felines a chance to catch up so it is important to watch where you are headed! You realize that you can fit under things that the cats can’t fit under, so you take a break under the coffee table in the living room. Their paws creep under the table, but they can’t quite reach you.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a hamster in a ball? Perhaps you thought the bubble was a way to give your hamster some freedom. Maybe the opposite. Either way, you are free to try it out on Zorbs Hamster Balls! Race your friend down a track and see who makes it to the finish first. Will you fall or make it the whole way on your first try? The faster you run, the more the ball rotates. It may appear easier than it actually is, but it will surely be a fun take on the traditional race!