Western Shootout

18’L x 13′ W x 13′ H

Your western hat shields you from the hot sun that is beating down on your small Texas town. You wipe the sweat from your brows and continue walking down the street. Walking to the saloon to meet your pals didn’t seem like it was going to be this difficult or take this long, but between the sun and the sand blowing in your face it has taken much longer than expected. It certainly didn’t help that your horse got spooked and bucked you off, before it ran off into the distance. You know he will return home, but it is still a frustrating situation. Tumbleweeds roll by, and small lizards creep by at a fast pace. They aren’t trying to stay out in the open either. As you walk, you begin to wonder why you decided to go in the first place. Will the trip be worth it?

As you get closer to the saloon, you can hear some arguing in the distance. The people you can hear seem to be arguing about cattle crossing over property lines and eating all of the grass. To you, the argument seems futile and you wonder if you should just head back to your house. As you are considering it, a voice in your head tells you that a real cowboy wouldn’t do that! You should go closer and see what is actually going on. Perhaps your friend is in trouble.

Finally, you make it to the saloon. When you get there, you notice that gunfire has erupted. It is a good old fashioned cowboy showdown, and you find yourself in the middle of it. Of course, you want to protect yourself and your friends at the same time. You do your best to protect those around you and fight off the ones that don’t belong in these parts. They retreat and ride off into the sunset with their hats and shotguns waving in the air. They are mad that they didn’t win. You saved the day!

With our Western Shoot Out inflatable, you will have the opportunity to play the valiant cowboy that wants to protect all that he loves. Use our foam guns to shoot the cowboys that don’t belong in your neck of the woods! Hit the areas on the target to win and make your country pals proud! Your enemy will be missing teeth at the end of this scuffle!