Sports Cage

15’L x 14’W x 14’H

Watching a sports game can be exciting. The roar of the crowd and the booing from the opposing fans keep you riled up. You sit on the edge of your seat wondering if the next at bat will get a homerun for the team, or if he will strike out. Maybe the pitcher will even purposely walk the batter to prevent a win! No matter who you are cheering for, the game itself will keep you guessing. You never know how a player will perform on the day you are watching compared to other days. You may even catch yourself thinking that you can do better.

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in the stands or on the couch in the comfort of your home; you will want to get up out of your seat and yell or cheer for your favorite. When you are a real fan, the intensity of the game will keep your adrenaline pumping! Sometimes your favorites don’t put on the best show and aren’t up to par when it comes to their game plans, but could you do what they do day after day? Their job demands a lot physically and sometimes they just might be worn out.

Step up to the plate! Test your skills with our sports cage! Let’s see how you do when you are in the shoes of the pitcher. Will you be able to throw a fastball? Picture yourself as the pitcher in the bottom of the ninth. The score is close, and you don’t want the other team to win. You wind up your arm and give it your all. You close your eyes so that you won’t hear the sound of a bat hitting the ball out of the park. To your liking, you open your eyes just as the ball is landing in the glove.

It is always fun to add a little competition to your event. As soon as one person takes a shot at our sports cage, others will follow to see if they can do better. If they don’t beat their competition, at first, I’m sure they will try again and again to get closer to the fastest! Speeds are calculated to determine who can throw the best pitch in the shortest amount of time. If you are quick and accurate, you just might end up the champion! This is a competitive, fun, and physically demanding addition to any event!