Futuristic Arena

14’L x 14’W x 9.5’H

Did you ever play the Simon light electronic game? The IPS is basically the live interactive version of that type of game. You have two separate sides inside the arena and each player takes a side. On your side, the lights will go off in a specific pattern and you will try to run and hit every one of those lights as they go off. On the other side, your competitor will also be getting the same pattern of lights to hit. The object of the game is to try and get more of the lights right than your competitor on the other side of the arena. You will not know how your competitor is doing until the buzzer goes off and the game is over. Then you will both come to the front of the arena to view the scoreboard and learn who the winner is. You have to be fast on your feet and in your mind, and pay very close attention to beat your opponent. The scoreboard doesn’t lie so it will be obvious who is the best when time is up and the final score is posted. Several different game options are available. This is a game of skill, speed, and memory.

The Warp Zone Futuristic Arena is great for all ages and can be played indoor or outdoor.  You can mix age group with this game as they are separated in the arena and the big kids can’t hurt the smaller ones while playing this game.  This inflatable is a 14ft. X 14ft and is 9.5ft. tall.  Having a maximum height of 9.5ft. makes it a great option to move indoors as long as you have 10ft. ceilings.  Weather will not affect the ability to play this game.