Our five in one sports bouncer is great for any event that has the need to keep children entertained for long periods of time! No matter what type of outdoor event you are hosting, this sports bouncer will fit right in. Children tend to get bored playing one game over the course of hours, so this bouncer was designed to provide the ability of five games in one unit!

For those that simply like to bounce around, the bouncer has an area for that! Bounce as high as you can, and run with as much balance as you can to get from side to side. Perform a summersault or two before taking time to breathe in the fresh air!

Basketball is on the top of the list for some children, and this bouncer comes complete with a hoop! Add a ball to make this bouncer a fun-filled basketball adventure park! It will be a bit harder than typical basketball, as the kids will be bouncing around as they try to aim for the hoop. It may take some extra time to finish a game, but the experience is completely worth it!

Obstacles are set up for those that want to test their luck on an obstacle course. Bounce around and avoid the areas that may give you some trouble, while trying to stay on your feet! It will definitely be a challenge to get to the other side of the course.

If you are feeling the urge to climb, there is an area for that as well! Do your best to climb to the top without losing your footing and you just may end up a winner! If you lose your footing, don’t be afraid to climb back up and try again. The inflatable surface helps to mitigate the fear of falling.

Sliding is always fun, but it is even more amusing when you are sliding down an inflatable at full speed! Over and over again guests will climb up, just to take a second and slide right back down. They won’t event mind the climb when thinking of the fun of descending!

This bouncer will be a hit at your event, and won’t take up the space that all five choices would if they were independent activities. It is a compact bouncer that provides a ton of fun for everyone! Your younger guests may even coerce the older guests attending to try their luck, hop in, and have some fun!

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