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Corporate Events: Choosing a Theme

When it comes to planning a corporate event, you may feel overwhelmed. It is wise to hire an event planner to help iron out the kinks, but there are still a lot of details that will need your opinion and approval. One of the main, and first, things that you will need to decide on is the theme for the night. The theme gives structure to your corporate event, and it is an effective way to give those attending a memorable experience while getting your message across to them.

Think of the main goal of your event

What do you want your guests to take away from the meeting? It doesn’t matter if it is a fundraiser or typical conference meeting- outline what you hope to achieve during the process. What messages need to get across to your attendees? When you come up with your keynotes, it will help you to become more specific to your theme. Incorporating key messages into the theme of your choice is the fun part, as long as you choose a theme that can easily mesh with them!

Think of the nature of your event

Perhaps you are trying to impress people coming to a fundraiser so they donate more. Maybe you are planning your annual employee appreciation barbecue. These things will determine what theme you should choose. From elegant settings to barnyard settings, there are a million options to consider.

Think of a statement for it

If you are having trouble coming up with a theme, think of a statement for it. “Having fun, while getting it done!” for example, would be good for an event that is trying to raise money for a charitable cause. Balloons, games, and other entertainment could be available with the funds going toward the cause. Sometimes, thinking of the statement helps to develop the theme if you are having trouble picking one.

Consider your attendees

Is it just going to be employees attending? Or will there be families and investors coming as well? There should be age appropriate themes, foods, and entertainment options available for those that come to the corporate event.

Do your research

Sometimes, looking online can help when it comes to choosing a theme. Looking at what other companies have done when hosting an event like you are hoping to have can help with the planning and decision making process. This will help you see what works, and what doesn’t work when it comes to corporate events. You are sure to see both positive and negative reviews when it comes to certain aspects of the events that have already taken place.

Take the plunge

Committing to your theme is imperative. Once you have one in your head, stick with it. Make everything wrap around it, so attendees know the theme from the moment they get the invite! It should be obvious, and captivating. Be consistent throughout- from decorations and food to entertainment and dress code. Weave that message you are looking to convey through everything!

An event and catering company is your best bet to guide you through the process. They will help make your ideas become a reality, and ensure that your theme is apparent!