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Catering vs. Food Truck

When it comes to planning an event, one of the primary topics that come up is what food will be served. Depending on the event, there are many different options available. Most event hosts automatically think about catering, whether it be buffet style or seated service. But, there is an alternative option available: a food truck! Food trucks were primarily used to drive from business location to business location for employees to grab a quick lunch, but they have been making a breakthrough into the event industry recently!

While both catering and food trucks will get your guests served in an efficient manner, there are a few differences between them.

  1. Style of Service: When an event is catered, it can be either buffet style or seated service. With the buffet, guests get up and choose their own food items before returning to their seats with their food. If it is seated service, guests mingle at their tables while waiting for their food choices (usually predetermined) to be served to them. When using a food truck, the only option is to have your guests go up to the truck and tell the employee what they want to eat from a select menu. After getting their order, they will return to their seats with the food.
  2. Speed of Service: When it comes to the speed of service, catering excels. When the foods are catered, the buffet line moves the quickest. This is followed by seated service. Since guests aren’t picking what foods that are eating at that time, it tends to go a bit quicker even though employees have to come by to serve their selections. With the food truck, guests go one by one to pick their selections from the truck, Of course, multiple trucks can be requested to speed up the process.
  3. Accuracy of Service: Accuracy is important for any event, as you want to make sure your guests get what they are looking for. The catered buffet style service, and the food truck service are the best routes to ensure that your guests are getting exactly what they want- as they are picking it at the time of consumption! With catered seated service, guests choose their plates in advance. This leaves room for error in delivery, or the guests may change their minds when they see what others have!
  4. Aesthetics of Service: For formal events, most people go with a catering service. The catering service accomodated the event by going with the style requested. Buffets can be set up elegantly, and seated service always looks very distinguished. Food trucks are a bit more low key, as the truck has to be accessible for all during the event, and guests will be waiting near it.

With so many different options available to feed your guests at your event, there is a lot to think about. A professional can help you decide what will work best for your specific event, and make sure that it runs smoothly no matter what options that you choose!