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Basketball is a fun sport for children and adults alike. Younger kids will learn how to play the sport at home or daycare and will continue to improve their skills throughout the years. It is a contact sport that also requires a lot of hand-eye coordination. It isn’t as easy as it looks to get those slam dunks! People practice and practice to perfect their skills, and it takes patience to get it finally right. When you are in the heat of the moment, it is really difficult to toss the ball into the net. If you rush it, it may just bounce right back out at you.

Football has been around for a very long time and has become a popular pastime for most people. Whether you watch it every Sunday or prefer to play, it is exciting! Playing football is tough and requires a lot of strength and dedication. There are many different formations that are possible for play and it takes time to memorize all of them, and what they are best for. It is more of a tactical sport than anything else. You have to think like your opponent in order to defeat them.

Combining the two is unheard of since there are different skills required for each one. Sure, they are both ball games, but playing basketball on a hundred yard field would prove to be pretty difficult. (So would throwing a spheroid through a round hoop!) But, other things would prove to be more difficult, so we decided to try this out!

Two people are bungeed to the center of the inflatable field. As one tries to move forward to the basketball hoop, the other loses “yardage” and has to build steam to pick up their lost distance. The first one to get all of their balls into the hoop is the winner. It may seem easy, but it surely won’t be with your opponent tugging at you, trying to get closer to their own end zone. It isn’t much of a contact sport compared to the real thing, unless you take your contact with the ground into consideration when your opponent pulls their hardest! Don’t let your guard down and always be prepared for what is about to happen next. Concentrate, but keep your guard up at the same time.

Will you be the winner? Let’s try it out at your next event.