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Velcro Sticky Wall

Velcro Sticky Wall Detail Velcro Sticky Wall

Spiders take days to build spectacular webs. They weave, and they weave until perfection is achieved. Providing a human doesn’t walk through it, it can withstand almost anything. It can be rained on, and even flows with the wind because of its silk-like material. They almost appear to be majestic when they are newly made and flowing through the breeze.

Although they are beautiful, their use is predatory. Spiders wait for a bug of some sort to fly into their webs, and then they rush over, wrapping their dinner in silk streams until it can no longer move. Some spiders are even big enough (and their webs are strong enough) to trap a bird for dinner! It is a smart way to acquire food, though, as they don’t have to exert any energy to get it. They simply sit and wait until the web traps their meal for them.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be prey in a spider web? You would be walking or flying along trying to get to your destination when you are stopped. All of the sudden you would be stuck in this sticky material, unaware of what was about to happen. The hunter would be eagerly coming towards you with food on its mind. It would spin more of the sticky string around you, and try to make it so you couldn’t escape. He’s going to save you for later. Do you think you could wiggle your way out? Do you think you could push the sticky material off and evade your captor? Or, would you just be stuck, waiting to return to turn you into a delectable dish?

Try out your fate on our Velcro Sticky Wall! While it isn’t the same substance, it will still make you work for your escape! Put on one of our Velcro suits and jump onto our web. Twist, turn and try to wiggle your way off the wall.

Unlike the spiders prey, someone will be there to help you if you just can’t manage to get off of the wall yourself. There also won’t be any spiders coming after you, which will make it a bit easier. You won’t be anyone’s dinner, and you will safely make it home!

Adults and children alike can test out our Velcro Sticky Wall and enjoy an unforgettable experience. It is a sight to see and a situation to remember.