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Toxic Rampage

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It is always fun to watch people race through obstacle course on television and see who gets the fastest recorded time. Will they get through first try, or will they fall and lose track of time? Some obstacles even have challenging areas with parts that come out at you, or things that you have to jump over. But, as a viewer, you really don’t know what is coming up next. It could go from something as easy as running through a maze, to a swimming adventure!

As the participant, you really don’t know what to prepare for. You know it will be a challenge, but you aren’t really sure what kind of challenge it will turn out to be. There are people that train all year on different obstacles in an attempt to prepare themselves of the toughest obstacle courses of all. They swim, jump, climb, strength train, and pull themselves up among other activities in an attempt to be the best. They even change their diets to make sure that they are in the best physical shape possible.

When you are watching these events, you look back to your younger years and remember when you made your own challenges. Race around the tree. Climb up the slide backwards. Swing around on the tire swing before jumping off. Run to the fire hydrant and back. Climb the monkey bars without falling. Then jump over all the cracks in the sidewalk before time is up. While they weren’t the most complex courses, they were still fun and most likely tiring at the time!

With Toxic Rampage, the first modular obstacle course with portability, you can give your guests an opportunity to test themselves! While they won’t have much preparation time, they will still have the opportunity to get a taste of what the televised participants feel on the bigger courses! It even has mechanical elements to intensify the challenge.

Your guests will go through again and again after their initial time. They will know what to expect the next time around and will try to get through with ease! While they might fail, they will still surely be entertained. You guests that choose to be spectators will also be entertained and will be cheering the participants on as they try to make their way through the challenging obstacles.

Friendly competition is fun and gives people the opportunity to test their own abilities!