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Stop & Throw

Stop Throw Detail Stop & Throw

Stops lights are composed of red, yellow, and green lights. We all know the classic meanings. Stop. Proceed with caution. Go. Some people speed right through the stop light, while others pause immediately. Yellow is supposed to mean slow down, but anxious people put the pedal to the metal. The green light hits and some people are still hesitant to proceed without completely checking their surroundings. When you mix these three components with a game of toss, it becomes a very interesting combination. Your mind may play tricks on you as you attempt to get all three balls into their separate cubbies.

First there is the red light. As you look into the hole it just looks like a normal angled red cubby. You can attempt to go full speed with your throw, or slow down to ensure that the ball won’t rock its way back out. The choice is yours, but without sinking this first ball, the game is over before it even truly begins. It is better to take your time and make sure that your throwing arm is up for the challenge. There is nothing more disappointing than missing your first attempt.

After you come up with a plan and succeed at tossing the first ball into the red cubby, you are on to the next one. They yellow light seems to be glaring at you. Are you going to have more confidence than you did with your first throw and rush right through it? Or, will you proceed with caution and let gravity fall where it may? Too much caution may make you miss it completely, and too little caution can make the ball bounce right back at you. No one wants to lose in the middle of a game. Don’t let it happen to you!

You are playing well and have scored the last two cubbies. That leaves you at the green light. This right here is the deal breaker. You either leave a winner, or leave with your head hung low in defeat. There is no in between and no participation trophy. Go all in and toss the ball right away, or be the hesitant one that checks their surroundings before making the final toss. However you play, you are trying for the same result. Sink all three balls to complete your round of stop lights!

Stop & Throw is a great game of toss that will keep your guests entertained for hours!