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Snow Mountain

Snowmountain Detail 3 Snow Mountain

One day you decide that you are going to test both your luck and your strength by going on a hike. But this won’t be a normal hike, as it is blustery and snowing at a rapid pace when you look out the window. That doesn’t hinder you, and you start to get ready for your adventure.

Before you know it, you are in front of a huge mountain, staring up into the sky as snowflakes begin to softly hit your face. You let out a deep sigh, realizing that by the end of the day, you will be looking down at the ground from the top of the highest peak!

You grab your gear and start on your trek. Climbing up rock by rock proves harder than you thought, but you aren’t willing to give up. Some rocks are more slippery than others, and it is hard to keep your footing. You realize that it is going to require your full concentration and attention, and that is what you give it! On your way up, you are just thinking bit by bit. Each step is a challenge, and so far you are winning. Don’t get over confident though, that is when you will slide back down the rocky path!

Finally, you arrive at the top of the mountain and can take in the sights around you, without the fear of falling. It seems as if you see for miles, and the view is breathtaking. Luckily, the way down is easier than the trek up. Pick a path; left or right. Then prepare yourself to slide right back down to the ground below!

Climb to the highest peak and pick a slippery slope to slide down on our Snow Mountain Inflatable. From Frozen themes to simplistic winter themes, this inflatable is a hit!