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Slip n slide Detail 1 Slip n Slide

You are on a tropical island. The weather is beautiful, and a slight breeze blows by as you look around at the scenery. Palm trees overhead give just the right amount of shade, and waves come crashing to the shore in the distance. You can hear people laughing and see them enjoying their time in paradise as they walk by. The smells of the island food make your mouth water, and you decide that you are going to take a stroll through the “locals” area. You rise from the grass patch you are sitting on, and start your trek.

Walking along the dirt path, you see small huts that people that live here year round call home. There is laundry hanging on clotheslines and swinging in the breeze. The aromas of their dinner almost overtake you and lure you into the open front doors. But, you know better than just to walk into someone’s home! There aren’t too many people outside, and you begin to wonder why. After all, it is a beautiful day, and there should at least be some children playing. As you are pondering, you hear a rumbling sound, and the ground begins to vibrate underneath you.

In the distance, you can see a heard of what seems to be buffalo looking creatures heading straight towards the village. It still seems far away, so you decide to take in a bit more of the local atmosphere. Before you know it, the stampede of creatures is no longer in the distance and appears right in front of you. The first voice of the locals that you hear is shouting, “Run! Hurry!” You quickly start running quicker than you ever have, trying your hardest to keep on your feet that seem to be moving faster than they ever have before.

The stampede appears to be keeping up and is staying right on your heels. You are sweating, and your heart is beating fast. It almost feels as if it’s going to break right out of your chest! But there is no option, you have to keep going. There seems to be no way to avoid the inevitable, and you are starting to get tired. Will this be the end for you? Of course not!

Just in the nick of time, you see an area that looks like you can slide across. This would give you a bit more speed and allow you to outrun these beasts! Running toward the wet area, you prepare to dive. And off you go!

Use your imagination with our tropical slip and slide. It’s a fun-filled adventure for everyone and a great way to cool down on a hot day.