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Slime Tank

Slime Tank Detail 1 Slime Tank

Adding a slime tank to your next event could be an interesting addition. The display says it all! Slime will come pouring down when the string is pulled, onto the cringing person sitting below. Although it may seem a little weird, it will entertain for sure! People will be happy to form a crowd around it, but not many will be brave enough to take a seat! There are even a multitude of uses for it.

For kids, they may just want to be slimed! Have them sit in the seat and pull the string as they begin to laugh uncontrollably. Getting dirty is fun for them, not to mention all of the slime shows on their TV channels. They will think of their favorite television show and pretend they are one of the characters before the slime pours down on them! Perhaps bathing suits will be a good idea.

Maybe you could turn it into an obstacle course. Have the kids choose a partner. One will complete the course and the other will sit in the ominous slime seat. If the course isn’t completed in a given amount of time, the slime bucket will tip! They will surely pick their partners and position wisely when they find out the rules!

For adults, maybe it could be turned into a trivia game. A chosen adult can sit in the slime seat and be asked a series of questions… three strikes and you are out! If you incorrectly answer three, slime will come down and cover you! Take your time to think about your responses; I’m pretty sure you won’t want to be slimed!

Another option is to “slime for charity!” Have an adult that you know people would like to see slimed sit in the slime seat. Charge a donation fee and let the donor pull the rope! This is an excellent option for school events where the principal is a good sport or a company where the boss isn’t afraid to get a bit dirty!

No matter the reason for choosing to have a slime tank at your next event, it will be sure to be a hit. People will be watching to see who will be slimed next, and others will be trying to coerce someone to sit in the seat! It will add a lot of laughs, just be sure to have a spare set of clothing!

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