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Plinko Detail Plinko

Plinko is a fun-filled game for all ages. It has been around since 1983 and is still going strong! Its vibrant lights and boisterous sounds attract onlookers and players alike.

Kids will have fun trying to get the chip down the right path for their prize of choice. Some will get it while others will end up at a dead end! The chip will fall down the path, hitting pegs along the way. It is truly a game of chance and watching may or may not help you catch on to the trick of getting it to go in the direction of your choice. Some will jump for joy while others will end up crinkling up their noses. Of course, this depends on the prizes and amounts that you choose for each slot!

With Plinko, Adults will have fun pretending they are on their favorite old TV show, The Price is Right! Most have not had the opportunity to be a contestant, although I’m positive the offer would have been gladly accepted. They have surely see contestants try their luck for the fifty thousand dollar grand prize one if not more during their lifetime.  While the prize at your event may not be as extreme, it is sure to get them in game mode and will tempt them to take a turn.

Onlookers will cheer you on as they watch your chip fall, hoping that it lands where you want it to go! They will squeal with delight if it lands in the desired spot, or let out a loud sigh if it misses. Either way, it will ensure your guests aren’t bored!

Deciding whether or not the price is right is the tough part. You only get to keep your prize if you pick the right amount! It is a two-part game that requires a bit of thought. Take your time and don’t rush yourself, or you may regret it as you walk away empty handed. Of course, we want to see you win the big prize!

Plinko – Delighting Guests

This is a game that will delight guests of all eras, and will keep them entertained throughout the event. If they don’t succeed the first time, chances are they will test their fate another time or two. Plinko is a truly tempting game that will surely be around for many more years to come- both on TV and at your next gathering!