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KAPOW detail 1 Kapow

Run as fast as you possibly can. Dodge oncoming obstacles quick. Round and round you go until you get to the finish. Will you be first? Will you cave to the opponent? Will you make it the whole way round without your feet falling right under you? These are all questions that you will be asking yourself as you climb onto Kapow to face your opponent!

It is human instinct to want to be the fastest and to want to be first. Racing against one another is a friendly form of competition that is a welcome addition to any outdoor event. In earlier times, potato sack races and obstacle courses were fun activities that people took part in at special events and functions. While these activities are still fun, you are seeing them less and less because of new, updated obstacles and races that are available for rent. They can be placed where you want, and taken down at your convenience.

Kapow is a great complement to your outdoor occasion. It gives your guests the ability to compete while still having fun, no matter if they win or lose. It is an obstacle course that is inflatable and circular. What separates it from other inflatable courses is that it has two arms that move in opposite directions. If you don’t move the right way, they will hinder your speed going through the course. One will be higher than the other and it is your job to keep on your feet. Try as you may, but it is almost inevitable that you will end up on the floor of the inflatable at least once. Get up, if you can, and use all of your might to complete the course!

This race is a bit challenging, but it brings out the competitiveness in all of us. You may not be the fastest the first time around, but you will know what you are up against your second time through. You may not be as steady as you might like to be, but you will get better with practice. It is one of those races that you will want to try more than once. Prove you yourself, your opponent, and the observers that you can do it, and do it quick!

Kapow is sure to add some excitement and entertainment to your next event! Be the fastest. Be the steadiest. Be the best!