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Jumbo Slide

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Jumbo Bouncy Slide Rental

Children often make fun out of almost anything. Their imaginations take them to faraway places and they see normal everyday things in only a perspective that a child would understand. With our Jumbo Slide, an inflatable fun slide, their imaginations will take over completely as they race to the top and slide right back down to the bottom.

Picture yourself in Hawaii. The waves are crashing softly at your feet and the birds are chirping peacefully in the background. The shells on the beach are impeccable and there are a multitude of different kinds. As you walk along the water, you pick up a few to take back home with you. As the sun begins to set, you begin to think about what a wonderful place you are in, and contemplate staying there instead of returning to the real world. Then, all of a sudden, you hear a rumbling in the distance.

You can tell that the rumbling isn’t a normal occurrence and even to locals have a fearful look on their faces. As you try to see what is going on, you see people heading for higher elevations into the East. When you look into the direction that they are running from, you see smoke billowing. Although you aren’t sure where it is coming from exactly, or what it is, you decide that it is best to follow along with the rest of the people in the area. You begin climbing up a steep hill, and then you see it.

Looking back to where you were relaxing just moments ago, you see streams of hot orange lava creeping into the ocean and along the ground. This is beyond frightening and you pick up the pace to get higher and higher until you’ve reached the highest peak of the hill. You give another quick glance behind you and see a sea of orange. That is all it takes for you to slide right down the other side of that hill to safety. Wasting no time, you pack up your things and hop on the next flight. Maybe the idea of staying in paradise forever wasn’t such a good one.

This is very minimal to the stories that the children at your next of event will come up with when they climb to the top of this enormous inflatable. A lot of thoughts will have the opportunity to run through their heads as they reach higher elevations. Then comes the best part- the slide down to safety! Watch as they smile and giggle all the way to the ground. Our Jumbo Slide is a great addition to any event you are hosting and will keep guests occupied for hours on end!

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