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Inflatable Movie Screen

Inflatable Movie Screen detail 2 Inflatable Movie Screen

If you ask your parents or grandparents to name one of their favorite past times, they are bound to say that they miss the times they had and the memories that the made at the drive in movie theatre down the street. They would pick a show time and drive right up to the movie screen. Forget finding seats, you would just drive your seat in and park it anywhere. Pack as many people as possible into a car and take all of your snacks with you. Meet your friends and roll your windows down for a fun filled movie night.

Although they are few and far between now, you can still experience the drive in if you look hard enough. Since they are harder to find, they are a bit more pricey than they used to be and you usually have to buy their snacks instead of bringing your own. A $10 movie night easily turns into a $50 movie night, not to mention the gas and time it takes to get to the venue when you find it. Although they offer some of the nostalgia of yester-years, you have to pay dearly for them!

It may be a fun idea to drive to one of these places and relive your childhood; but, there is a better solution. What if you could find a way to bring this old classic to your own large yard? Have it delivered, and blow it up with air. The most difficult part of your night will be picking out the movie to watch on your big screen.

Bring the outside movie fun back for a night or two without all the hassle and long distance driving. Inflate your screen, and you are good to go! Whether you want your event to be an exclusive movie showing, or just an addition to a current event you are having (for entertainment purposes), the movie screen is sure to delight those invited and is a great way to wind down the night. There is nothing better than watching a good movie with great people, except watching a good movie under the stars with great people!

Give the younger generation a taste of what it was like to grow up in years past. There wasn’t much technology, and people weren’t glued to their phones or ordering movie tickets on something called the “Internet”. It was simpler then, but sometimes the simpler things are best!