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Horseshoe Detail 4 Horseshoe

Outdoor events are a great way to enjoy the pleasant weather and mingle with those around you, especially with the smell of freshly barbecued food in the air. Whether it is coworkers, neighbors, or your regular friends, it is always a good option to have your get together out in the nice weather. Most remember horseshoes as a classic outdoor game growing up, and it would be great to incorporate it into your event. Not only is it fun to play, but it will also bring back passed memories by those watching or trying their luck.

The game is played by two people or two teams that attempt to toss horseshoes around stakes in the ground. The stakes are normally placed in a sandy area about forty feet apart from each other, and the two people or two teams alternate turns trying to ring the stakes. It started with people using real horseshoes, but as the game became more popular and more commercialized, the horseshoes were made larger. This simplifies the game a bit, but it is still a challenge for most.

There are two typical ways of scoring in the game: ringers and leaners. Ringers are achieved when you completely ring your horseshoe around the stake without it bouncing off. When you touch or come close to the stake, it is called a leaner. Ringers score top points while leaners will only get you one. For backyard entertainment, scoring can go up to any agreed upon number. It all depends on how long you want your game to last, and how many points you think you can achieve in the given amount of time.

The game itself likely has its roots in ancient Greece, where they played a game called Quoits. Quoits was very similar to horseshoes in that a ring was thrown in an attempt to get it around a spike. For people that could not afford that traditional ring, horseshoes were bent to use instead.

No matter the ancient history of the game, it is surely entertaining enough to remain in recent history and will be incorporated into many future events. Its minimalistic stature and difficulty keep it in the running for most entertaining party game, played by most who attend functions where the game is available to use.

Grab your horseshoes and hotdogs and get ready for a classic outdoor barbecue event that all your guests will enjoy!