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Carnival Tents

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You’ve spend months planning the perfect carnival event for those that are most special to you, and are eager for everyone to come and relish in all of the hard work you have put into the event, hoping that they will enjoy every little detail that you have taken into consideration. From each game to every ride, and even the flatware, you are confident that your event will delight all who take part. There wasn’t a stone left unturned in your planning process when it came to the entertainment options of your choosing.

Games line the area, including traditional skeet ball and ring toss choices. Water games are set up in the middle for those looking for a bit more competition to enjoy. Over and over guests try to win that large prize that they are hoping for.

Mini Rollercoasters and Teacup rides run continuously through the night, keeping your younger guests entertained. Inflatable slides and obstacle courses make for a bit more challenging entertainment choices that many take part in and enjoy.

The scents of fried dough, french fries, and popcorn fill the air, and make your guests crave the food offerings that you have included in your catering options. Before you know it, they are lining up to get a taste of the delicious food options that are available. One thing may not be enough, and sit will be on to the next thing!

You are thrilled that people seem to be overjoyed walking through your carnival. All your hard work has paid off, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

Then came the rain. Everyone began to panic and run to the nearest awning for cover, as they became soaked and the event came to a crashing halt.

Don’t let this be you! Add our traditional red and white striped carnival tents to your event to ensure that even with a little rain, your guests can enjoy all of the festivities that your event has to offer. Not only are the aesthetically pleasing, they also provide cover for your guests should Mother Nature choose not to cooperate. Sometimes the rain starts to fall, other times the sun is a bit overpowering. These tents are durable, traditionally colored, and come in multiple sizes depending on your needs! Tents are the most overlooked, but most important, addition to your event. They provide the coverage that your guests need during the day, and will keep them there longer!

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