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Air-Bots are a great addition to your event! Everyone has seen the blow up sumo wrestling ring and sumo suits, but most have not seen anything like this! It is like fighting in the future with a twist.

Two people get ready for combat by putting on inflatable robotic suits. When they are ready, the suits become pressurized and bloat, making a protective barrier around the contenders. The two contenders walk (or waddle) into the inflatable ring and stand on the podium. They try to keep their balance while exchanging some jabs in hand to hand combat. Pushing, shoving, and begging are all valid forms of play! Whatever type of fight you are looking for, you can surely find yourself entertained and engaged while on the podium. Keeping your balance is a key component in this game. Whoever knocks the other off of the podium first is the winner.

It has been said that they look like rock-em-sock-em robots in human form. The creative inflatable suits protect against most injury while still allowing the contenders to have fun and exert themselves physically. Punches don’t feel too harsh, and falling off the podium is somewhat a bounce. Even the hardest blows seem like a minimal poke. You have to be careful though, that poke could make you teeter on the edge of the podium!

Sociable scuffling can be a great form of entertainment, not only for those contending, but for those who are watching as well. People will be cheering you on as you go for the win, trying to get your opponent completely off the platform. Or maybe they will be booing, depending on their favorite contender. Either way, the spectators will be grinning ear to ear watching the “robots” compete. It may look easy, but when you are wearing these inflatable suits, every move you make creates motion in other places. You have to be careful not to knock yourself of the podium, which would make an easy win for your opponent. Ensuring your victory may be a little tougher than expected with the blow up ring and the inflatable pressurized suit you are wearing, but it will be worth it in the end! Seeing your opponent laughing at the base of the ring is sure to be a sight to remember. Laughter will be had on both the losing and winning sides because it is really inflatable fun for everyone!