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10 Steps to Planning a Corporate Event

If you are a business owner, or simply a lucky employee that got the task of planning a corporate event, there are ten steps that you should take into consideration to ensure that it runs smoothly. It can be a tough task, so it is imperative that all details are accounted for and no stone is left unturned. The perfect event takes a lot of planning to be perfect.

Come up with a theme, and a vision of what you want

It can be a cocktail party, a workshop, or an annual company picnic, but the theme of the event is what people are going to remember, and what will get them interested! This is the starting point. From here, you will go on to pick entertainment, food, and other details to incorporate into the event that will correspond with the theme. It is important to remember that your theme has to be appropriate for the workplace, and the people in attendance!

Set the budget, or think about the budget that has been set for you

Break it down as to how much you want to spend on food, rentals, entertainment, etc. Anything you want to have at the event needs to be included in the budget and given a certain amount to go by when picking the final detail.

Make appointments to meet with vendors and various locations

You may have a certain venue in mind, but it is good to meet with a few to determine if the one you thought of first is best for this particular function. Oftentimes, you will find more cost-effective solutions that actually work better in all aspects of the event! Think of the rental costs and what is included, determine what hours the event will take place between, see if you can bring your own caterer, determine if security is provided, and find out if the venue provides decorations for you. These simple things can make or break an event, and your budget.

Determine your menu

Plated dinners and buffet style events are equally as good, it just depends on what will work best for your event. Typically, buffet style dinners are quicker and allow for more mingling. Are you adding appetizers and desserts? These usually bring added fees. Make sure your guests aren’t hungry at any time during your event!

Get copies of everything

It is important to get everything in writing, so you know exactly who is doing what, and what the cost for them doing it is. Hold them to it, and make sure that it is done and done properly. This protects you and the vendor.

Purchase decorations that you need

Some venues offer minimal decorations, but adding some pizzazz to match your theme is a must! This is where you can have fun and be creative.

Send those invitations!

By now you have your theme, location, time, and know just about how everything is going to go. Now it is time to let everyone else know. This creates a countdown for your guests, and also allows you to find out who will be attending for a head count.

Make a list of things that have been done…

…and things that still need to be done. Keeping on track it key when it comes to a flawless event.

Keep going over your original list of things to do

Your budget can be helpful– Did you fill in all the subcategories? Are music, entertainment, decorations, food, and all other details accounted for? This helps ensure that nothing is forgotten. You may have missed something the first time, and this is your chance to correct it.

Enlist some help

On the day of your event, you may need someone to run last minute errands while you take care of the little details. This will keep you on track and less stressed!


Following the above tips will be beneficial to planning your event. It may seem overwhelming, and if it is, there are professional event planners that would be happy to assist you in making the event you are hosting one of the best corporate parties yet!